ma thick legs


Contemplating tumblring again aswell as insta..or none at all…argh…mind!!! I just want to express myself & that makes me sound like a right dramatic thing.

Anonymous asked:
I just thought I should mention I ended up seeing one of your personal posts tagged "diary" on my dash through the tumblr promotion thing. IDK it just seemed a little weird and invasive of privacy(which I guess is kind of strange to say in of itself when any stranger can look at your blog to begin with) given i've never heard heard of your blog and you never mine.

Oo that is strange…idk how to stop them! I do apologise if it’s offended you or anything of the sort…

Anonymous asked:
Are you gaining? I know it's not really my business but on IG you still look so tiny and say you're getting 2500++ a day :/

Trying, don’t worry

finding-the-edges asked:
Hi Hannah :) this is a bit of an odd question, but a while ago you put a picture of your car on instagram- sorry if that sounds a tad stalkerish, I was just wondering what you thought of the Yaris? I'm going to view one this afternoon for my first car, but I don't really know anyone else who owns one to ask their opinion on it. I hope you don't mind me asking this lovely, take care :) x

Hey! Sorry this is late, but I do have a yaris and they’re such good first cars! Small, reliable, cheap to run & economical with a low insurance, mines been ace 👌 I really Recommend them! Hope this helps ☺️

Anonymous asked:
You are beautiful!!

Thankyou! 😃

sophie-melissa asked:
Han! When are you off to Lincon? I will make sure to stay up to date with my fellow illustration buddy :P Good luck and I hope moving in goes smoothly and I have no doubts you will love it! UNI IS WAITING FOR YOU xxx

Aw yay thanks sweets! I’m *hopefully* off on Sunday 🙀 but haven’t got a date yet & no word from accommodation place so who knows! But yes yes yes keep in touch! You have my personal insta yes? ☺️ are you at uni this year? Take care 😘

harrietfindinghappiness asked:
Tumblr hug! Pass it on to at least 10 of your favorite followers, please don't break the chain!

Thanks my lovey 💕

theycallmewin asked:
hey han, we've talked in the past. Anyway I am doing a giveaway of eating disorder recovery books. Even if you aren't interested, if you could please reblog to make your followers aware, (if you click on my blog you will see the giveaway right away) I would really appreciate it. I don't have a large following of people interested in the giveaway but I know you have a lot of followers that might be interested! much love xoxoxoxo

Followers ^^ ☺️

matildasmind asked:
I forget to say this, but a couple of days ago, you were in my dream! I was on holiday in Germany or some place like that, and you were there with some friends and I was too scared to talk to you, so I got someone to give you a pint of Ben and Jerry's and say hi from me :') it was so weird! Xxxxx

Aw that sounds so cute! Hehe, you made me smile, but just so you know, if you ever do see me DONT BE SCARED! Come say hi ☺️

Anonymous asked:
I've been following you for a long time both on Insta and Tumblr. I wasn't recovering from anorexia but I still followed you. I was recently admitted the 3rd time for anorexia and because I looked at your blogs each day, you really impacted my decision to start recovery now. I want to thank you for all the support you give to everyone everywhere. I live in Canada and I bet you never would have known you could have such an impact to lives everywhere around the world. You are amazing and beautiful

Aw wow,you’re so kind to send me this! Really, it means A LOT! Take lots of care, I’m here for you on my insta. 💕

Anonymous asked:
This might sound a tad weird but where do you get your pants from? I struggle to find my pants size anywhere! I have 1 pair of pants that fit me and they're children's jeans and their too short. I want pants that fit and are the right length it's hard to find smaller sizes everywhere😓

Aw I’m sorry to hear that it sucks doesn’t it? Erm I have found h&m & topshop are good, ofc it’s only temporary though cos you wanna be able to fit in clothes in most shops! But it can be helpful to have some nice fitting ones for the confidence booster, for me it is anyway. Hope this helps

sethanded asked:
Hey Han, hope you're doing well :)

Thanks chick! You too☺️

Anonymous asked:
I thought your ed wasn't about weight/shape/being fat?xx


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